Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Landshark! Who? Postman! OK, Let Me Open the Door... Arrggh!

Sorry, there's an old SNL joke somewhere in that title.  Must be my frustrations with the US Postal Service.

See, this is what I don't understand.

When James shipped LotFP Weird Fantasy from the netherland known as Finland, I believe it took 3 days to go door to door to my house.

CDs purchased on Ebay from Australia?  2 days.  Holy cow!

The Delver's Pack for Tunnels & Trolls that I ordered?  Arrived at the Jersey City, NJ Postal sort facility last Wednesday.  I know, I had the tracking info.   It was updated last Thursday - Jersey City.  Friday?  Updated as - Jersey City.  Saturday?  You guessed it, Jersey City.  Yesterday it finally hit my local post office and it arrived at my door today.

To put it simply, the USPS sucks a large amount of ass.  I think the postal beast devoured two small orders from Flying Buffalo earlier this month.  Rick is going to check the status after he settles in from con time in Germany.

UPS?  God bless 'em.  Never lost a package yet, and Amazon is where I do more shopping then anywhere else.

Anyhow, I'm finally getting a chance to look thru the T&T Delver's Pack.  Looks good so far.  I also got Steve Jackson Game's Zombie Dice via Amazon/UPS.  Should be some family dice fun this weekend.

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