Friday, August 13, 2010

LotFP -Weird Fantasy - Unsorted Thoughts on a Paladin Class

Looking at the Paladin class, the conversion to Weird Fantasy shouldn't be too hard. Drop saving throw bonuses, detect evil, protection from evil 10' radius becomes self only, no undead turning and no spell gain at higher levels.

Lay Hands, Cure Disease and an Undead Power Attack (poor choice of attack name - consider it in progress) get increases based upon the "Die Pip" system used by the Specialist Class. I have an idea for this, probably won't get written up until tomorrow.

Only one pip awarded per level gain, and no power can have 3 pips or more then any other, which should keep them fairly balanced while allowing specialization.

Expo chart needs to be worked out.

Anyhow, that's a snapshot of my notes.

Hopefully this gets fleshed out better over the weekend. Then I'll attempt the Ranger ;)

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  1. If the power attack is for undead only consider:

    Holy Strike
    Smite Unholy
    Cleansing Blow
    Spank Undead (okay this one is tongue in cheek)


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