Sunday, August 8, 2010

LotfP - Weird Fantasy - More Thoughts on Houserules / Adding Classes

Driving has become a very relaxing way for me to think about life, love... and gaming.  If I could write and drive, I'm sure the products would be awesome, at least until the point the car I was driving went off a bridge or into a wall due to my attention being diverted.


Anyhow, I'm really digging the Specialist class in Weird Fantasy.  It is a great solution to a class with multiple abilities that increase with level gain.  It allows for the individualization of each character, specialized or jack of all trades.  It is very well thought out.

It's also a fine example as a baseline to design other classes with abilities, some that increase with level, some that are gained at later levels, or a combination of the two. I'm thinking of writing up a Ranger, Paladin and possibly Bard class for LotFP's Weird Fantasy.

If nothing else, it gives me a reason to reread the rules again, and the referee advice.  Oh, and run the damn tutorial.  Sigh.  Where the F' did my vacation go?


  1. I feel you on the driving while thinking. Some of the best things I've never written occurred to me on the road. Then I got home and forgot.


  2. Yesterday was fine. The kid was driving most of the time... i could jot things down. Tonight I tried to remain "in the zone" till i got home. ;)


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