Sunday, August 8, 2010

Open Game Table Volume 2

I remember vividly when Open Game Table Volume 1 came out last year.  It reinforced my desire to blog and really opened my eyes up to some of the blog sites in our corner of the blogosphere.  It also made good bathroom reading material, as it could be read in short sections and picked up next round.  Yep, I own the hard copy.

This year I have the PDF version of Open Game Table Volume 2, and I just started virtually flipping thru it.  There are some blogs that will be added to my blog role (how Gnome Stew has missed it for so long I do not know, but I shall soon rectify it).

Still, there seems to be something lacking this time around.  In all probability, it is my sense of wonder that is missing, as now I have become part of this thing we call blogging, and although I am not a major part of it by far, I have lost the sense of wonder I used to have.

No matter, it should be a good read, and I expect to find some interesting blogs to read in the future.

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