Friday, July 16, 2010

Room for Another Mag?

D-Infinity is a new gaming magazine in the pipe, with a scheduled release at this summer's Gen Con.  While most gaming mags these days seem to go for a focused approach (OSR, C&C, 4e, 3.5) D-Infinity is painting with a much broader brush.  With nine publishers backing it, the opportunity to cover a large swath of gaming material certainly is there. 

In addition to covering many different RPGs, the plans include coverage of tabletop and live action gaming.  It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Issue Zero, a 16 page preview, is available for free as a download from RPGNow here.


  1. Based on the preview, I would not buy this. None of the articles struck me as being particularly useful. The stuff about quarries and the old tower was interesting, but nothing I couldn't quickly find with google.

  2. that is part of the problem with the lack of focus I think. might have been nice if the articles in the sample weren't pretty much fillers, but i'm willing to check out the first true issue when it lands.


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