Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Optimal Salacious Review - OSR

I am beginning to get a stiff neck bouncing back and fourth with all the OSR posting going on these days.  Jim probably started the scuffle, the green dragons responding and the hobby goes in a tizzy.

Truth of the matter is it served its purpose.  It drove traffic to Jim's site, just as Weird Fantasy is getting set to release.  Who will be the main buyer's of Jim's game?  People that are interested enough in this corner of the hobby to read blogs about this crap... me, you maybe?

I personally didn't like Jim's telling people what they should be called, making people a part of the OSR based on his word alone.  If I read a book by a Communist, am I now a Commie?  If I read the Bible do I now have to "witness" for everyone, or whatever the heck it is they do when they knock on my door and try to save me?

I'm fine at defining myself.  I might game mostly in what is defined loosely as OSR, but I have no products to push, no game to publish.  As someone else said... this is my hobby, and lets leave it as such.


  1. Who will be the main buyers of Jim's game? Interesting question... Seems like most of us already own (and can download several free versions of) what is essentially the same thing - an old game they call "Dungeons & Dragons".

  2. True... but we keep buying ;)

    There will be a saturation point... this may be it, who knows?

    Besides, I think Weird Fantasy core rules are being released free in PDF too, but I could be wrong.

  3. From the lack of actual play reports for Dark Dungeons, Dragons at Dawn etc I wonder if this a game that will be played, or just collected?


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