Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Sucks - Then You Blog

So, my sinus attack became a nice hive (welts / rash) attack!  Joy oh joys!  The fix?  Time and Allegra.  Crap.  The soles of my feet are in pain damn it!  And I still went to work!  I'm an ass!  heh

It's one hell of a distraction.  I'm sure its a D&D spell already, but damn I'm ready to write one from experience.

On a positive note, despite all the noise James managed to raise recently, his Weird Fantasy game is ready for preorders.  I'm in for one.  He may be a loud mouth, but he is an extremely talented loudmouth.  I have high expectations for it.  I'll review it when I receive it.

It aint cheap, but damn thats alot stuff!

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