Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Start Rules - The Listing - Part the Second

Well, not only will there be a bunch of quick starts listed here, but the first one was also a Free RPG Day Giveaway for 2010, so if you missed it last weekend you can download today.

Castles & Crusades 2010 Primer & Quick Start from Troll Lord Games.  This was Troll Lord Games Free RPG for 2010.  If you haven't tried C&C yet, this is an easy way to check it out.  If you have played C&C, this is an easy way to show your friends (yes, I like C&C... hate the Crusader mag tho')

Battlestar Galactica RPG Quickstart Guide from Margaret Weis Productions.  32 page into to the Battlestar Galactica game based on the recent TV series of the same name.  Sorry, my Cylons had the bouncing red eye.

Mutants & Masterminds Beginner's Guide from Green Ronin.  Green Ronin always puts out top notch products.  The new DC Heroes Games is going to be based on M&M.  Take a peek and see if it might be something you'll like.

Hackmaster Basic Quick Start from Kenzer Co. This is the shortest quick start so far, just 6 pages.  Still, that means it's quick to read so theres no excuse not to get it.  You'll have to scroll down on the right hand side of the Kenzer Co web page that is linked to find the quick start PDF, but what is 6 seconds of work for 6 pages of gaming?  Correct!  A damn good ratio!  heh

Geist: The Sin-Eaters Quickstart from White Wolf.  The 2009 entry into WW's World of Darkness Setting using the Storyteller System.  I haven't checked out the World of Darkness setting since Monte Cook did a D20 version, but this might need to be chacked out.


  1. LOL ... grumpy about the new (well kinda ... its starting to get old now even) BSG series? First I don't respond this way out of net-nerd-rage ... I happen to like the new BSG series well enough and have found many people out there still rejecting it for some reason ... yet I understand nostalgic preference for the old and to each their own I say. As for the RPG ... interesting ... is that still a "cortex system" product or is it a new one?

    Anyway as for BSG ... I too grew up on the old BSG and loved the old Cylons with the Knight Rider eye ... lol. It is fun to be nostalgic about the classic series ... but to me the new one was decent and worthy of the name by the standards of the original series for sure. I recall the end of the original series where BSG met Chips ... and robo-benji romped around with the little kid throughout the series and on into Galactica 1980 (now there was a series ... lol). There were many contrived episodes and more cheese than a velveeta factory. As a kid I liked it ... but I've tried as an adult to watch it and it puts me to sleep. Though I have a fond remembrance of the Loren Green Adama and those classic Tin Man style Cylons. Every time I think of it ... I'm reminded of boring afternoons in the 80s at my grandmas eating peanut brittle ... having them brightened with reruns of the show.

    As for the new one ... was it the best series ever ... no ... but for all the camp the first series had this one was dark and suspenseful. So its a different "flavor" of BSG ... as the original series did ... it had its cool and awesome moments. I'd put neither above the other they each have their place.

    Rebooting a series for a new generation doesn't have to be a bad thing. Look at Batman Begins, etc. etc. to each their own though I guess ... anyway thanks for the review o' the swag. Sadly our local game stores didn't do squat for free RPG day :(

  2. No worries. My sci-fi (first run) was Space:1999, Buck Rodgers and Battlestar Galactica. Actually, liked BSG the least of the bunch at the time, so I think my new memories are definitely rose colored.

    Caught a bit of the beginning of the new BSG, but it didn't resonate with me as it did with my circle of gaming friends. Holy crap but they were addicts ;)

    Maybe I'll give it a whirl on DVD, or Netfix if they have it as instant download.

    I got my free swag by ordering from Noble Knight... I didn't want to spend half the day driving and shopping to get a free book or two when I could do all that in a tenth of the time for more free swag at home ;)

    As foe the BSG RPG, I believe it is cortex.... but Serenity is the only game I own from them at the moment that used that system


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