Friday, June 25, 2010

OUBLIETTE Issue 3 is Out!

Oubliette Issue 3 has hit the virtual newsstand at RPGNow.  I'm sure the pressing question is "Just what do I get for my 2 bucks?" .  Well, at McDonalds you could pick up 2 McDoubles, assuming there is no tax, but that isnt the answer you were looking for ;)

In this issue we get a Barbarian class for Labyrinth Lord, an adventure, the second part of Firearms for LL and other assorted goodies wrapped in the 47 page package.

The barbarian class is chock full of abilities.  I can't say how well balanced he is compared to other Labyrinth Lord classes, but he looks to be a blast to play.  2D6 +1 HD at first level makes him a nice beginner's tank.

Alright, time for me to dig thru the rest.  If it is anything like the first 2 issues this is an easy choice to pick up.


  1. Thanks for the mention. I spent a long time working on The Barbarian class as I knew there were already so many versions of one sort or another already in existence.

    In the end I settled with giving him high HP and low XP for level advancement, but balanced it with armour and magic limitations.

    The skills and abilities are all listed separately so people can use as few or as many as they like. With none of the extra the abilities the class should balance out quite well with the core LL ones.

  2. It looks really nice and a lot of fun. The rest of the issue is looking good too. Kinda bouncing between this and Fight On! 9 and some other stuff in the review hopper.


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