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Monday, February 12, 2018

The "Free OSR Rulesets - SciFi" Page is Done - For Now

Alright, The "Free OSR Rulesets - SciFi" Page is ready for prime time. There's only eight rulesets listed (compared to thirty or so for Fantasy) and I'm sure I'm missing some - feel free to link or mention in the comments other candidates to add to the page.

Moving on the the "Other" category next. That will be longer than SciFi I expect.

And yes, still need to add a few to the Fantasy page.


  1. Depending on how you're defining OSR Ruleset for this page, Cepheus Engine might fit. It's a Traveller retro-clone

  2. I have WARBAND! available as free download, it is Chaos 40K (dungeons in space) kind of game. Available here: http://swordplusone.com/warband_print.pdf


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