Friday, February 16, 2018

Filing an FTC Complaint Against #ConManKen? I'd like to Keep a Tally

As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers.

Yesterday, we posted how backers of the KotDT:LAS Kickstarter could file FTC complaints against Ken Whitman as he is now legally required to refund backers. I would like to keep a tally of such complaints as they WILL result in a criminal investigation of #ConManKen.

Just to make things simple, here's the link again:


If you would be so kind as to email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that Gmail thing with "ConManKen" in the subject of the email we can get the list going.

All I ask is for your first name / pen name and backer level for tracking. I'll post a running tally as to the number of complaints made and total backer dollars of the complaints on one of The Tavern's sidebars.

There are 9 backers of $1k or more on KotDT, including one $5k+ pledge. If you can't get what you backed for in the past you can help Kenny to three hots and a cot in the future...

Edit: Kenny, just so you know. THIS is how you get legitimate federal charges filed. Not threats of imaginary FBI agents waiting at someone's door for Coffee & Donuts to investigate laws that you either made up or fail to understand. You REALLY should never have made those threats Kenny, because the threats themselves are a violation of federal law. Oh, and they pissed me off. Yes they did.

2nd Edit: No, you don't own the copyright to the above image.


  1. ....and waits for the man-baby pictured above to start raging about how he, after taking over $100,000 from various backers, is the *real* victim.

    The fact is, Ken had a NEAR moment of honesty during his recent statements elsewhere.

    "I messed up ran out of funds, and had a hard time paying for the project to continue out of my own pocket."

    I think that is the first HONEST thing that Ken has said about this, and other projects. He messed up and ran through the money and certainly has no money to continue. Now, who knows where the money actually went, but there you have it. A moment of honesty amongst all his bluster, threats, and BS.

    Now that Ken is open for real investigation and a whole world of legal pain, one would think that he'd be the first one out there trying to repair relationships, acknowledging his faults and attempting to do whatever he can to make things right...starting with handing over the rest of the footage that he was contractually bound to hand over.

    Instead he wants even more money before he hands over what he is legally obligated to hand over. That, dear friends, is breach of contract - and possibly extortion to boot. Ken just cannot help but dig deeper and deeper holes rather than act rationally and own up to things.

    Ken, if you are reading this? Yes, I find you a foul and despicable human being. You have ripped off people for more money than I can even believe you got away with. But now? Now the piper is calling. As I see it, you have two choices:

    1) Continue as you have, blustering, raging, making threats...and end up in prison on multiple counts of wire fraud and possibly extortion

    2) Own up, admit that you've failed, hand EVERYTHING over immediately to the IP owners (where appropriate), and do everything in your power to make good to the people you ripped off.

    Make no mistake Ken, no matter how much you paint yourself as the victim, you are the villain of this story. Your choice is to go out as the villain or to attempt to redeem yourself, however slightly.

    I fully expect that the next time Ken sends the imaginary police to show up at my door to serve me an imaginary arrest warrant and take me to imaginary jail, that they will be joined by the imaginary FBI too...

    1. Except Ken does have money, supposedly he owns a hotel that could have been sold at any time to make good on his obligations.

    2. Not his - belonged to his ex-wife's family. He may have bragged about it, but it was never his

    3. And the game store.... Oh wait that belongs to his bromantic life partner... But surely his many film roles have made him wealthy... You know, as meathead zombie #3....

  2. Filing a complaint to the FTC in this matter costs absolutely nothing other than a couple minutes of your time.

  3. At least one FTC complaint has been filed (that'd be mine).

  4. You can't suck blood from a turnip.

    1. So? If enough people complain it will force Ken into bankruptcy, and could even get criminal charges filed. Bankruptcy is the least he deserves.

    2. But you can lock the turnip in the crisper drawer for 10-20

    3. Criminal charges (and presumably conviction) would, one hopes, act akin to a scarlet letter as far as trusting him with access to the cash box. Keeping others from being harmed is the only useful outcome at this point as yes, the odds of getting my money back are effectively zero.

  5. Threatening someone with fake FBI agents is illegal?

    1. Nah, I think that he does that just to be irritating.

  6. Is there any point in filling in the form if I am not a US citizen?


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