Wednesday, February 14, 2018

#ConManKen Responds to the Release of KotDT:LAS - But NOT at The Tavern (Cowards Gotta Hide when they Lie)

Ah, sweet hell. We all knew #ConManKen wouldn't be able to stop himself from trying to spin the release of Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series, which was released no thanks to him, into something he could take credit for in addition to casting blame at others. Classic Kenny.

His response is NOT where one might expect. Its through the A Walk in the Dark blog, which offered Ken a venue when he turned down your local bartender - wait, I mean Poo Poo Face. Ah well.

I'd suggest you leave your thoughts at both A Walk in the Dark and here. 'Cause you wouldn't want Kenny to miss a single word.

Sad thing is, Kenny lies so much he can no longer keep is lies straight. I almost pity the self diagnosed CTE sufferer. Almost.


  1. Haha, this is gold:

    "What happened to the raw footage/do you feel a little shame that this is the second Kickstarter backer fulfillment that Zombie Orpheus fulfilled for fans at their own expense that YOU were responsible for and have attempted to take credit for their work?"

    Ken's answer:

    #1. I have the footage on file.

    #2. Nope.

    What a piece of shit.

    1. Wow... That's just despicable. He promised to deliver something, couldn't do it, and now feels no shame that someone else had to come in and finish his project with minimal/no(?) assistance from him just so the backers could get what they deserved.

  2. If the footage was on his hard drive, how did the episodes get reconstructed?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Back when Ken finished his "rough cuts" which he showed at GenCon he provided me copies all three episodes. As Ben said they were 480p, not color corrrected and had sound issues. I got them from Ken to show at the Nexus Gamefair three years ago.

      When Ken failed to turn over all the footage to ZOE as promised, I sent Ben the rough cuts, I had. Be was able to use those to fill in the gaps, do color correction, etc. If you watch all three episodes you can see which scenes are with. The quality drops in and out at times. What Ken never turned over was the unedited raw files. If he had some higher DVD quality edits/cuts could be made. I still suspect those files were lost or damage at some point.

  3. Ben from ZOE has responded... My post has been updated.

  4. I see Ken is keeping up his practice of lying, deflecting, gaslighting, and blaming other for every thing that has gone wrong with his life.

    You can see how far those skills have taken him.

  5. Does he always have to mention "libel and slander"? Nothing like taking a jab at Jolly, too. And has he ever mentioned that he 'turned over'the footage to ZOE before? "Due to a turn of events in my life....", no one cares about your life, Ken, all they care about is the hard-earned money that they sent you YEARS ago an they want something back for their investment. Such a piece of shit Conman Ken is.

  6. Ken gets off on threatening to sue or call the FBI on people.

    He believes he's an unfairly persecuted individual and that everyone is out to get him because he's so successful and talented. So, he has to attach people back by threatening them with the FBI. Even asking him a simple question (like "Where's my refund?") will set him off into a tirade of profanity-filled threats and insults.

    It's just Ken.

  7. The edited version needs to be edited.

  8. As I've said, I have no dog in this race, but I think I'll trust the legions of people from multiple Kickstarters vs one man who literally has had NO ONE come to his defense.

    And with respect to KenzerCo, Mr. Blackburn, our friendly Tavernkeeper, etc, major props to ZOE, who have no skin in the game, and are just trying to do some good in the community

  9. With the expiration of his license, Ken can no longer legally fulfill the Kickstarter. With that in mind, it is time for people to start filing legal complaints if he doesn't start issuing refunds.

    The below link will take people to the FTC site so that they may report Ken to the FTC. Enough people report him and a criminal investigation will get rolling.



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