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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

AD&D 2e Core Books Plus Planescape Bundle - 8 Books - 15 Bucks

Its strange that I don't see these bundles directly linked under the OSR Sale going on at RPGNow. In any case, in addition to the AD&D 1e bundle and the D&D Rules Cyclopedia and Gazetteer bundle there is the AD&D 2e plus Planescape Bundle.

Here's what you get for your 15 bucks:

Players Handbook, 2e

DMG, 2e

Monstrous Manual, 2e

Plansecape - Original Boxes Set

In the Cage: Guide to Sigi

Planes of Chaos

Planes of Conflict

Planes of Law

Eight PDFs, 15 bucks

I appreciate all the support shown for The Tavern in using the affiliate links. Huzzah!


  1. If you click the sale banner on the front page, it takes you to a landing page with the bundles that you have to click through to get to the list.

  2. Huh. I saw this but didn't know it came with the 2e core books. That might sway my decision. I have 18 days. :)

  3. Truth to tell, I'd be much happier with a bundle that had all those softcover 2E splat books.

    ALL of them. Brown, blue, and green.

    That I would buy.

    1. ditto. Though the Gazetteers have my attention also.


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