Friday, June 28, 2024

Humble Bundle Comics - Cerebus

I remember stumbling across Cerebus at Forbidden Planet in lower Manhattan in the mid-80s. Soon after, I found a small cache of well-read earlier issues of Cerebus at St Mark's Comics. I was hooked, but finding Cerebus was spotty at best, and soon I was no longer regularly reading it.

Humble Bundle has the complete run of Cerebus, all 300 issues, for 18 bucks in PDF. I suspect the rest of my weekend is spoken for ;)

A giant of indie comics

Explore the pioneering indie comic saga Cerebus, a sprawling epic spanning 6,000 pages, touching on humor, political satire, and the wide-ranging philosophical musings of its creator Dave Sim. It also stars an anthropomorphic aardvark. What starts out as a send-up of Conan-style sword & sorcery evolves into something much bigger. Experience it all in this bundle, from early graphic novel chapters like High Society and Church & State, to the very end of the saga in The Last Day. Pay what you want for this essential cult classic and help support the Global Foodbanking Network with your purchase.

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