Sunday, May 19, 2024

Lucky Opportunities to Spend My Money.....

Lucky Opportunities to Spend My Money.....
Every once in a while I feel like I luck out, but I'm sure that's because I put myself in a position to be lucky.

This week I was on a business trip to Hawaii, where I got to stay in Waikiki. Believe me it sounds a helluva lot nicer than it really is. The weather is NOT cooperating and any free time I have is mostly occupied by heavy rains. The beach that is "right there" isn't much of an option and it's hard to enjoy sunsets when the sky is overcast.....

....and don't even get me started on the traffic. My work location is not far away (Oahu isn't that big), but it's at least an hour there and another back.

Meh....it's work and hey, I'm being paid to got to Hawaii, so if I get a nice hour here, I'm ahead of the game, right?


Yesterday I had the day off and despite the impending rain I managed a quick trip to the "local" Naval Exchange to look for souveniers. While I can get some cheap stuff at the local markets nearby, I wanted to favor Hawaiian-made stuff as much as possible. I had no intention to buy myself anything, but then I saw it: the Reyn Spooner (i.e. high-end) D&D 50th Anniversary Aloha/Hawaiian Shirt, and it was on sale for 20% off....and in the appropriate "Fat Guy" size (AKA Gamer Medium). While I didn't feel like a $100 shirt.....you know I NEEDED THIS.

Originally I expected to post today about some hole-in-the-wall Hawaiian FLGS. I did get to stop by one, but it wasn't the one I was hoping for....oh well. It was tiny and clearly a hangout for locals, but it was Warhammer heavy (not judging) and the board game selection was a bit "meh"......until I saw it. This store had a 2nd edition (2019 printing) of Steve Jackson's Illuminati. I've played like 2 or 3 games of Illuminati more than a decade ago and it was on my wish-list, but I've never seen one for sale before. I think it's a bit too obscure and the 1st edition was just too big of a box, which I assume didn't help secure shelf space. The 2nd Edition isn't much bigger (if at all) than a copy of Munchkin and while I'm already pushing the max for baggage......well I had to pick it up.

So buy keeping my eyes open in a new town I found a few trinkets that I'd probaby never see otherwise.......not sure if that's actual luck...but I'll take it!

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  1. "...in the appropriate "Fat Guy" size (AKA Gamer Medium)." Lol

    Nice score, hoss!


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