Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Kickstarter - Nuclear Destruction - a Nuclear War Card Game

Sadly, my Nuclear War and Nuclear Escalation game boxes have long since disintegrated, and what's left is incomplete. That being said, these games WERE the go-to games (along with Chaos Marauders from Games Workshop) when we were looking to drink and chat instead of delving into a deep RPG session. Beer & Pretzels? Nuclear War is the game for you.

All of which is why I'm excited to see Nuclear Destruction being Kickstarted, as the game's lineage is impeccable. MMMMmmmm! Beer & Pretzels are back on the menu! A bargain for 39 bucks, although I got the bundle that included Nuclear War's 50th Anniversary Edition for 69.

Nuclear Destruction is the 4th release of the Ameritrash Classic Nuclear War. 

Building on the foundation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, we've introduced a host of exciting enhancements to improve your gaming experience. Enjoy an array of new cards, expanded player mats, a new propaganda system, and the ability to play with up to six players, ensuring every game is packed with maximum fun. Its full-color cards are compatible with EVERY version of Nuclear War. It is designed as a stand-alone installment or to be combined with the 50th Anniversary edition for even more fun!

Invented in 1965 by Doug Malewicki, Nuclear War has seen many editions and expansions over the years. The folks at Mr. B. Games have acquired the rights and are here on Kickstarter to try to revive this classic and bring it back to print - with your help!


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