Saturday, March 2, 2024

Crowdfunding - HEROIC the Role Playing Game (FASERIP Clone)

I'm finding it really interesting to see the number of projects going straight to Backerkit for funding )and totally bypassing Kickstarter). All I've heard from creators using Backerkit is simply how much better the service is.

HEROIC is a clone - of sorts - of the old Marvel SuperHeroes RPG from TSR. Famous for its color-coded charts, my experience with the system was the Conan RPG, and it worked well.

HEROIC is a Neo Clone of the old-school MSH Advanced game by TSR that combines aspects of modernization as well as parts of the Astonishing Super Heroes RPG by Tim Bannock.

In its final form it will be a 200 page full colour game book, available as PDF, as well as softcover and hardcover POD (Print on Demand) by DTRPG (Drivethrurpg). Everything you need to play will be in the book, including an introductory adventure and characters from the Zenith Comics Universe.

There are essentially three tiers for backing HEROIC - PDF at $25 - Softcover print plus PDF at $50, and hardcover plus PDF at $70, shipping not included.

I must say, I really appreciate the highlighted art, as it reminds me of the later days of the silver age of comics in the late 70s and 80s.

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