Monday, February 26, 2024

Deal of the Day - The Forest of Gornate (OSRIC Point Crawl)

Gabor Lux is a well-known name to long-time OSR folk, but the name pops up less these days than it should. Simply put, if Gabor Lux is on the tin, you can safely assume the product will be far above average to great.

The Forest of Gornate by Gabor Lux is today's Deal of the Day at DTRPG. Normally 6.50 in PDF, until tomorrow morning The Forest of Gornate is on sale for 3.25.

“South of the dark walls of Mur, an overgrown forest lies between two mountain ranges. Its namesake, the immortal beast Gornate, noted for his thirty-six eyes and a peculiar taste for collecting human spinal columns, has made no sign of his presence in many years. Even so, the woodlands hide numerous dangers. Robber bands, man-eating beasts, abandoned manor houses and mysterious ruins dot a land divided by rivers and mountain ridges. The people of the city rarely venture into the forest, but recently, three notabilities have expressed an interest in sponsoring a hazardous, but lucrative expedition. While serving three masters may be too much for a single adventure, a resourceful and lucky company could return rich from… The Forest of Gornate!”

A 32-page module for 3rd to 5th level characters, The Forest of Gornate offers a complex, open-ended wilderness pointcrawl set in the Forest of Gornate, a place of fallen civilisations, strange denizens, and natural wonders. Seek the treasures of a mysterious villa, the secrets of a reclusive bandit leader, win the patronage of the ancient and sinister Guild of Judges, or strike out on your own to seek fame and fortune in the forests, and the lands beyond. Inspired by the gamebook classic, Scorpion Swamp, this is a module offering 42+39 keyed areas, adventure hooks, rumours, and random encounters offering numerous possibilities for open-ended exploration and player-driven adventure. It is also a companion to In the Shadow of the City-God, but enjoyable on its own terms. The adventure features illustrations by Denis McCarthy (who also did the cover), Stefan Poag, Jerry Boucher, as well as the Dead Victorians.

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  1. I just bought this last month. But it was worth the full price for sure.

  2. I love that even the cobblestones on the cover are hexes, sort of hinting at what's within.


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