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Delicious in Dungeon (Netflix show) Inspires a New D30 Table


Delicious in Dungeon (Netflix show) Inspires a New D30 Table
Last week I mentioned I was totally into a new TV show on Netflix. That show is called Delicious in Dungeon and it's a Japanese Manga that has been animated. There's not a lot to spoil, but it's about a party feeding themselves by eating the various monsters they come across. 

Most games don't address the edibility of various monsters in their system, but HackMaster does so I'm used to seeing that information.

Clearly, I found this inspiring, so I decided to come up with a new d30 table for those times the party decides to try some new "food". It's a relatively simple edibility chart/table, but it had been "stuck" in the back of my head for a while now and I'm thankful I got it out.

d30 Monster Edibility Table
I also mentioned last week about some issues with my Adobe InDesign that I used to do the layout for projects like this. I did end up going with Affinity Publisher 2 because that was the only program that seemed to be able to open my InDesign files. It's relatively user-friendly and the only actual problem I've had so far is that I cannot print to PDF like I'm used to doing. I can export to PDF, which is just fine.

I'm mentioning Affinity Publisher 2 mostly because it's on sale right now where the bundle of Publisher 2, Photo 2 (Adobe Photoshop alternative), and Design 2 (Adobe Illustrator alternative) are on sale for 20% off, which comes to around $130. Compared to having a monthly subscription to any of these Adobe programs.....well, just Adobe InDesign is $240 a year pre-paid. 

If you use these type of programs for your own products......I can recommend Affinity (not a sponsor or anything) and IIRC the coupon code was "USE20", but there is also a free 1 month trial period for all three programs.


  1. The link in "a new d30 table" isn't opening, but I could find searching in DriveThru RPG. I'm also enjoying Dungeon Meshi. Have you watched Frieren? It deals with the differences in lifespan of elves and other races, and how it affects their relationships.

    1. Fixed it, thanks. I'll have to look into that as soon as I finish The Avatar on Netflix....


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