Friday, February 2, 2024

Kickstarter - Deck of Old-School Encounters Set Two, OSR Fantasy RPG Cards (Phil Reed)

72 more encounter cards for use with almost any fantasy RPG! May be used alone or combined with Set 1. Written by Philip Reed.

I'm a huge fan, and a friend, of Phil Reed. I've been following Phil for decades, back when he had an email list with gaming ideas. These days, he's the master of the small and quick RPG Kickstarter. Phil's current Kickstarter, Deck of Old-School Encounters Set Two, OSR Fantasy RPG Cards is only live for a short time, and as I type this has less than 3 days left in its funding period.

The Deck of Old-School Encounters Set Two includes 72 more random encounter cards, each one illustrated. This deck – for use by gamemasters and solo players – gives you a quick way to generate the next random encounter in your game. 

Fully compatible with the first set (or use this second set of cards on their own)! You can select the first deck in the $8, $12, and $30 rewards. Or, if you wish, buy it today at DriveThruRPG!

These systemless cards work with any classic fantasy RPG. They are also a good fit for modern campaigns looking to add a touch of old-school flavor.

Each card also features the baseline reaction of the encountered character or creature. The reactions are divided into three categories.

  • Friendly. The encountered character(s) are open to assisting the party of adventurers . . . so long as the heroes are also friendly.
  • Indifferent. The encountered character(s) or creature(s) are likely to ignore the party if the adventurers don't do something stupid. Events during gameplay may turn some indifferent situations into hostile (or maybe even friendly) reactions . . . depending on the players' actions.
  • Hostile. The encountered character(s) or creature(s) are prone to violence and very likely to attack the party. Of course, the heroes may be able to sway the opposition, possibly turning an armed conflict into a tense – yet peaceful – meeting of two groups. (Who are we kidding? The adventurers are more likely to engage in fisticuffs than they are in conversation.)

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