Thursday, February 1, 2024

Free OSR - Downsized Dungeons - Issue 1 (OSE Mini-Dungeon)

I enjoy what I call "drop-in dungeons" that you can plop down in a hex crawl with minimal fuss. Your part cleared out their current adventure early, and you still have 90 minutes left in the game session? Something like Downsized Dungeons is a perfect fit. The fact that it is PWYW means you can pay for it if you like when you actually use it.

Issue 1 - The Crypt of the Barbarian King

This classic five-room dungeons holds all the trappings of a good crawl. There are monsters. There are ghosts. And of course, there's a ton of treasure at the end. 

About Downsized Dungeons

Fully statted for Old-School Essentials, these mini dungeons are the perfect thing to grab and go when you're low on preptime. They are intended to be played in a single session either as a one shot, or dropped into your current campaign.

Each issue contains an all new dungeon with original art and hand-drawn maps for that old school feeling. 

Pick up a copy and see how it fits into your game!

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