Sunday, January 28, 2024

D&D's Golden Anniversary

D&D's Golden Anniversary
As this is the "last Sunday of January" in 2024, that means realistically today(ish) is the 50th Anniversary of D&D.

50 Effing years.....holy crap. I think I started playing in the winter of '78, but I could be off a year either way. I should be celebrating like any faithful dork by playing this weekend and I had full intentions of attending NTRPG's gaming day/weekend at the hotel, but I'm not fully recovered from the flu from last week and traveling to the event, I'm certain, would've been "terminally stupid".

Anyway, 50 years is a lot of time, but that number is really misleading. The real number is the hours spent around the table, days playing between school sessions, weeks at conventions, and (if you were lucky) years in campaigns. Those numbers, well they're the real numbers we celebrate.

If you haven't been able to in a while, please pick up some appropriate dice and roll one out in commemoration.


  1. I haven't been playing that long, but this anniversary for D&D brought to mind the same thing for me. I began with the "big black box" in the early part of the 1990s, and quickly bought the Rule Cyclopedia (the finest rulebook ever designed) soon after. I think it was actually 1992 when I started playing, and went right to DMing. That's 32 years and that's crazy! Oddly enough, BECMI is still my go-to ruleset. It's hard to put down a classic.

  2. I'll be officially celebrating D&D's birthday on mine, in November, as we both turn 50. Shemha'amfora'ash!

    1. I know I'll be likely to see you before then but, Happy Birthday Venger.


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