Saturday, December 16, 2023

Bundle of Holding - Dragonbane and Year Zero

I'm going to pick a nit with this Bundle of Holding - usually, you highlight a title in the Starter Collection, not the Bonus Collection. Dragonbane is in the Bonus Collection, not the Starter Collection, but I digress.

I've heard only good things about Vaesen and Forbidden Lands. I backed the Dragonbane Kickstarter and damn, but it's a beautiful set. If the rest of the releases in this bundle are of the same quality, it's a bargain and then some.

The Starter Collection Bundle of Dragonbane and Year Zero includes Vaesen, Forbidden Lands, Coriolis - The Third Horizon, and Mutant, Year Zero for 19.95 in PDF. The Bonus Collection is approximately 39 bucks and adds the Dragonbane Core Set, the Twilight: 2000 Core Set, Vaesen: Mythic Britain & Ireland as well as the Coriolis Atlas Compendium.

Adventurer! This new Dragonbane and Year Zero Bundle presents English-language tabletop roleplaying games from Free League Publishing, including the new Dragonbane game of magic, mirth, and mayhem, along with five Free League RPGs – Twilight: 2000, Vaesen, Forbidden Lands, Coriolis, and Mutant: Year Zero – that use the Year Zero Engine rules system also used in ALIEN, Blade Runner, The Walking Dead, and Tales From the Loop.

Dragonbane reimagines Drakar och Demoner (1982) with modern rules for fast and furious magical adventure, presented in a beautifully illustrated full-color core set including two books, maps, cards, pregenerated characters, and more, funded in a gigantic August 2022 Kickstarter campaign. And Year Zero games play just as fast, giving you meaningful and decisive results in one die roll. Well suited for harsh, survival-focused settings, Year Zero games are often deadly, and player characters are rarely safe from danger no matter how experienced they are. The YZE system is player-focused, story-driven, and adaptable. 

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