Monday, December 11, 2023

OSR Christmas 2023 - Day 1 - Its Time to Get into the Holiday Spirit!

OSR Christmas. Never duplicated, but it should be :)

Welcome to Day 1 of OSR Christmas for 2023. Note that Day 2 of OSR Christmas will be on the Tavern Chat Livestream, on Wednesday Night @ 8 PM Eastern. 

The following gifts will be gifted on Thursday, December 14th, so make sure you comment before Noon Eastern time on December 14th and check back here to see if you are receiving a gift from OSR Christmas Day 1.

If you want to be considered for an OSR Christmas Day 1 gift, simply comment below. 

From MonkeyBlood:

From DiceBro:

  • PDF Bundle of issues1-3 of Wizard Funk, an OSR zine\\

  •  1 PDF copy of Holmes & Clark, along with digital goodies

  • 1 Set of 12 PDFs (by my count) of James Mishler releases for Shadowdark as well as the Isle of Eldisor for Labyrinth Lord in PDF
From Tenkar's Tavern:
  •  2 $10 DTRPG Gift Certificates

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  1. Look forward to this every year. Thanks for doing it again.

  2. Woohoo it's OSR Christmas time once again!! Thank you for brightening the holidays!!

  3. Huzzah! Always a fun activity to participate in each year.

  4. Merry Christmas! What a fun way to celebrate our drive towards the holiday and share some cheer with our fellows.

    Please to re-draw if you pull me for Holmes & Clark package, as I'm the author offering that package. Hope it's ok if I participate for the other offerings. I've got visions of Arduin hardcovers dancing in my head. ;)

  5. Following the old tradition - Merry OSR Christmas!

  6. I had been the luckiest boy a few years ago to get an OSRIC, I love OSR! I hope I am lucky again.

  7. Merry OSRmas!
    (Thanks for doing this, it's a great tradition!)

  8. Merry Christmas, Tenkar, Rachel, and OSR friends.

  9. Happy First Day of OSR Xmas to one and all!

  10. I would love to win, and appreciate that you do this every year!

  11. Happy first day of OSR Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas, may Santa deliver many OSR goodies to you all!

  13. I can never get enough free Christmas gifts! Merry Christmas all.

  14. Thanks for doing this another year! Let's go!

  15. Merry Christmas from central California!

  16. Merry Christmas from Asheville, NC.

  17. 3rd attempt, posts not appearing ... Merry Xmas from UK!


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