Friday, November 3, 2023

Humble Bundle - Everything for Your Adventures - A Roll20 Exclusive

I am a long-time Roll20 user and fan. Heck, I have a Lifetime Pro account, as I was a backer of the Roll20 Kickstarter back in the day. In all that time, I've never bought, let alone installed, a ruleset or rulebook within Roll20. That may change with the current Roll20 Bundle on Humble Bundle.

Gather up your role-playing group (wherever they are!) for some epic online adventures with this treasury of resources for Roll20! This bundle for the world's most popular virtual RPG tabletop features:

  • Compendiums to play Pathfinder 2E, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, and more containing rules, art, lore, adventures, and more resources for use in Roll20.
  • Additional Roll20 expansions and resources like Deep Magic, filled with new spells adaptable for multiple systems; maps and tokens; and more.
  • 1-month Roll20 Plus subscription, unlocking additional features such as more upload storage, upgraded Compendium sharing, and an all-access character vault.


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