Saturday, November 4, 2023

Kickstarter - Goblin Dice: Transforming the Way You Throw!

Alright, you NEED to watch the video for Goblin Dice! If it doesn't bring back memories of the Shake Weight (and various comedy sketch shows that did their own take on it) you are definitely a young one ;)

Notice also that you DON'T see the Goblin Dice device being shaken and the dice result in the same short. I suspect they didn't have a working prototype when they did the promo video.

Interesting idea, I just don't think it's needed. Still, I'd love to see some Goblin Dice in use at a convention :)

Now please allow us to introduce Goblin Dice - Your Ultimate Digital Dice Companion. With its innovative shake & read design and environmentally friendly kinetic energy conversion, paired with a sleek brass metal exterior, Goblin dice will be your instant solution for an enhanced gaming experience and more.

Eco-friendly Kinetic Energy: Our innovative design converts kinetic energy into electricity, requiring only a gentle shake to generate power. No external power source or batteries are needed - it's eco-friendly and hassle-free!


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