Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Bundle of Holding - DCC Funnels

The title of this post kinda says it all, and it has likely polarized a number of you. You either love "funnels" or you don't, there is little middle ground. I happen to love funnels. I love running them, playing in them (especially at conventions), and find them fun to read. TMMV, of course.

one of the current offerings at Bundle of Holding is DCC Funnels, which includes funnels for DCC AND MCC, some of the funnels were published by Goodman Games, and others were published under third-party licenses. I find I have more than a few, no surprise there ;)

You can grab 6 funnels for 9.95, and add 5 more for another 12 bucks or so as I type this.

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