Saturday, October 14, 2023

Kickstarter - Familiar RPG Coins

At a gaming session, in your pocket, or on display - keep your favorite Familiar with you at all times with these large Familiar Coins!

I'm a sucker for dice, but even more so, I'm a sucker for fantasy coins. Artwork that can be held, put in your pocket, and looked at at random is simply something very special to me. 

The Familiar RPG Coins Kickstarter offers these 1/4 pound coins - they ARE large, for 22 bucks each - 5 coins can be had for 100 plus shipping (and they ship in time for the December Holidays). I'm in for 5 for Rach and myself - thinking cat, owl, pseudodragon, rat, and one other. Fun times!

Goliath Coins are incredibly detailed, large metal coins, with sculpted 3D art.  Each coin comes with a display stand.

This series of Goliath Coins features "Familiar RPG Coins" and consists of ten different Familiars!

You can keep your favorite Familiar with you at all times - at a gaming session, in your pocket, or on display!

They can also be used as a game marker, first player token, game prop, inspiration token, deck topper, card guard, or good luck piece.  

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