Friday, October 13, 2023

Kickstarter - How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox (Bat in the Attic)

A book that teaches you how to create a hex crawl-formatted setting for a fantasy sandbox campaign.

Rob Conley writes about "How to make a fantasy sandbox." Need I say more?

What is a Hexcrawl-formatted setting?

A hex grid is placed over a map of the setting with each hex numbered. The hex location of the various locales such as lairs, are noted and arranged into an index.  This format provides a convenient way to reference detailed local information within the setting.

You can look at the map, see the hex number the location is in, and then look it up quickly in the book. It works in reverse as well. You can read about a location in the book, which will have its hex location noted in the text. Then look up where it is on the map quickly.

This allows for easy access to dozens if not hundreds of detailed locations scattered across the setting map. 

Hexcrawls and Sandbox Campaigns

Sandbox campaigns are distinguished by the fact the players drive the campaign forward by their choices. While there are many types of sandbox campaigns, one common type is where the group arrives at a location on the map and begins exploring the region.

Regardless of the type of sandbox that is being run, the possibility exists that the players will decide that they need to head west instead of east in pursuit of their goals.  The ease of looking locations up makes the hexcrawl-formatted setting a useful tool for the referee trying to keep ahead of their players while running a sandbox campaign.

How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox will teach you how to make a hexcrawl-formatted setting and explain what details are important to include to handle the different types of sandbox campaigns.  


This project is offering three rewards:

  • How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox (Digest PDF/Book, 150+ pages)
  • The Isle of Pyade Setting (Digest PDF/Book, 50+ pages)
  • Blackmarsh Revised Layout (Digest Book, 39 pages)

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