Sunday, October 8, 2023

MACE Vol 2 has been Relaunched

MACE Vol 2 has been Relaunched
This isn't actually a re-post from July....

James Shields has re-launched his MACE Volume 2 Zine and it has basically a week & a half and a bit of funding to go.....basically he only needs 110 basic backers.

I'd personally recommend going with the $15 backer level so you get the POD and PDF versions. If you go with that first hyperlink I posted, you'll get a bit of a mini-review but I'll TL;DR it for you: James definitely gets PDF usage and made a great product with options to fit how you might want to, I don't know....actually use the zine at your table.

I won't go full rant, but I hate when publishers make a shitty PDF as an after-thought....and I've seen some real stinkers (like a huge high-res PDF that didn't allow printing....and it was a map!), so when I come across a squared-away PDF product, I will make a big deal of it.

MACE Vol 2 on Kickstarter

This particular volume is all about Villains....unfortunately it'll be too late to use said villains in a Halloween adventure (should've backed back in July if that was an issue), but that's how these things go.

Now I'm clearly biased here and I'll be honest enough to admit I'm being a bit on the selfish side here promoting this Kickstarter....I want my copy and that won't happen if you don't try to get one as well....

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  1. Mace vol one is great. I highly recommend that people back this one!


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