Sunday, October 15, 2023

I Tried to get Some Stuff Done, and was Almost Successful...

I Tried to get Some Stuff Done, and was Almost Successful...
Late post today because I had plans, I worked on said plans, and I didn't quite finish....

...and I was going to post about it here as a bit of a brag.

A few months ago I had picked up a Dungeons & Dragons Tower of Doom arcade cabinet and this weekend it was time to do a light refresh (not quite a restoration). The cabinet was in generally good shape, but it has had it's fair share of dings and dents, along with some half-assed repairs (mostly just a quick slap of paint). The veneer had been peeled off on part of the side, so I first had to remove all of the veneer, which was a pain in the ass. That I got done last weekend, along with some structural filler (i.e. "fancy" wood spackle) and a coat of primer.

This weekend involved getting the finish coats on, some wheels, and replacing the locks and internal marquee lighting. The &^$!@ keys were somehow locked inside the damned thing and I was able to pick one lock, but the other....well luckily I had a small through-hole that I could use a 30" screwdriver to reach through the cabinet and unscrew the back of the one lock. I bought that tool wondering if I'd ever get to use it, and this weekend I was damned glad I had!

I got it mostly done and inside, but I still need to clean the front and do a little touch-up on the paint where I wasn't as careful as I could have been bringing it in. When I get it's future home squared away then I'll be comfortable taking picks, bragging about it, but more importantly...play the damned thing. 

My new Garage Beer/Soda Machine

Of course this wasn't my only project this weekend. I had also picked up a can/bottle vending machine for my game room and I man-handled that beast (It's 568 pounds.....) into the house, got it all cleaned up and plugged in. Works like a champ, but the machine is too loud. Ugh, so then I had to man-handle that beast back out of the house (thankfully that part was easier) so it can no live in the garage. So any future gamers at my house will have to go outside to grab a soda or beer.

Sorry guys, that's just how it has to be....

...at least until I can get my other two machines fixed & serviced. They're bottle only though and one is missing the keys, which seems to be a theme this weekend. I had to go get a special lockpick set for that and watch a bunch of videos on how to use said lockpick.

Clearly I'm one of those guys that collect shit of all types....

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