Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Kickstarter - The End of Everything: Epic 5e Adventure to Save the World (Frog GodGames)

Crops are failing, the undead rise, an ancient evil stirs in the north, and even magic seems tainted — why is everything failing?

I enjoy campaign books that take characters from 1st to name level or beyond, even if I don't always run them. They offer value for money, and a well-written campaign will entertain for months or longer.

The End of Everything Kickstarter is written by Alex Kammer and Alan Patrick. Alex has been writing some SOLID RPG adventures for years, and his gaming convention, GameHole, is one of the best one can attend. My only complaint is that the only flavor it comes in is 5e. 

Is there a group of adventurers that has the grit, bravery, and tenacity to stop The End of Everything?

Sure ... massive, sprawling, and dangerous D&D campaigns are cool, but what about one imbued with the cosmic horror of the Cthulhu mythos?! If you dare, dive into the pages of this enormous new campaign adventure: The End of Everything!

Epic Adventure, Full Campaign

The End of Everything is a brand-new and 100%-finished campaign and setting book that takes characters from 1st through 12th level. As soon as this Kickstarter campaign concludes, backers at the $25 pledge level and above will receive a link to download the full PDF of the book. The book features entirely new material and information regarding the fascinating Haunted Steppes region of The Lost Lands, including revised and more detailed regional maps; several new town and village maps and accompanying setting lore; many new and expanded monsters; the Gnoll, a new playable race; the Geomancer, a new arcane tradition; four new setting-specific character backgrounds; new magic items; new and simple mass combat rules (why would anyone need that? 😊); and, of course, Corruption Value, a new game mechanic described below.

REMEMBER! The entire project is complete and will deliver digitally shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

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  1. I pretty much have given up on Frog God products. Aside from non-existent editing, there have been a lot of products that look like badly converted 5E stuff.


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