Friday, October 20, 2023

Kickstarter - Delver 11 & 12: Old School RPG Resources for GMs and Players

Delver is a magazine for Referees and Players of OSR fantasy roleplaying games.

I did not realize it was time for the next issues of Delver. Truly an excellent resource for the OSR DM. Time to put my money down for Delver 11 & 12 - Print plus PDF for the 2 issues is 22 bucks plus shipping - in my case 8 bucks shipping to NYC.

Delver magazine (zine-format, 5.5 " wide x 8.5" tall) is a third-party resource for GMs and Players of OSR fantasy RPGs such as Old-School Essentials, ShadowDark, Swords & Sorcery, and Basic Fantasy RPG.

OSR games offer a fantasy roleplaying game experience to players looking for a return to the style and feel of classic dungeon crawling, and Delver seeks to offer Game Masters and players of OSR games additional aids in the form of adventures, articles, random tables, new magic items and much more. The content in every issue of Delver magazine, however, will also be useful to GMs and players of other fantasy RPGs with some minor tweaks; most of it will require ZERO changes!

The primary features of Delver magazine are the random charts and tables. Each issue will contain pages and pages of random charts that can be used before or during a session. Each page has a theme or subject, typically with four to six tables that pertain to that topic. For example, the What's in that Cube? page from Delver #2  rolls up the contents of a Gelatinous Cube wandering monster... download this sample page using the link beneath the following image.


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