Saturday, September 9, 2023

Far West RPG Releases Nearly 12 Years After Promised Release Date

I will give credit where credit is due. Gareth Skarka, nearly 12 years after the promised delivery date, has finally released Far West - in PDF. Don't hold your breath for print copies any time soon. 

Years ago, when Gareth felt he was being unfairly forced to offer refunds, refunds for print books were offered at full price less 10 bucks - as that was the assumed price of the PDF. Instead, Far West is currently on sale for 29.95 at DTRPG for a 278-page PDF. I can't speak for the gaming content, as I haven't read it yet and likely won't get to it for a while (after 12 years, what's the actual rush, right?), but I will offer some samples of the included art - art that was likely paid for by individual backers, like myself (59 of us), to be included in the book. You be the judge of whether or not THESE specific backers got / will get, their money's worth.

Tonight on Gamers' Health, Rach & I have a Special Guest, Author Daniel Hand. Daniel recently released Role-Playing Games in Psychotherapy: A Practitioner's Guide. Needless to say, Rach is taking the lead tonight 😉

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  1. I'm wondering what system will be used. I saw on rpg.net, he was going to use Mini d6.

  2. Damn! I better check my pigs to make sure they didn't fly away.

    1. There was a loud thumping on my basement floor from below this morning. Shouted something about turning the damn heat up, they were freezing down there.

  3. Those are real images from the pdf? That man's testicles should mined for brass.

  4. Kinda sh*tty to be selling it at the same time backers are only just getting it. Also. Any word on delivering the physical books they paid for? Or is he selling PDFs in hopes of obtaining funds to fulfill his promises?


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