Thursday, September 21, 2023

Deal of the Day - KoDT: Tales from the Vault vol. 5

I really enjoy the various Knights of the Dinner Table series, but I'm running out of room (damn RPGs ;), so I do nearly all of my comics reading on my iPad. So, when KotDT pops up on Bundle of Holding or as the Deal of the Day on DTRPG, I'm all over it.

Today's Deal of the Day at DTRPG is KoDT: Tales from the Vault vol. 5. Normally 7.99 in PDF, until tomorrow morning it is on sale for 3.20.

This volume of the Tales from the Vault includes the "Dawn of the Zombies" web saga (a 32 page story arc) and KoDT strips that appeared in the HackMasters of EverKnight comic book.

Strips include:

  • Recipe for Diaster
  • It Takes 4 to Tango
  • Tap Dancin'
  • I Motion to Adjourn
  • Red-faced Ensign (Black Hands strip)
  • Ark in the Dark (Black Hands strip)
  • The Brain Drain (Black Hands strip)
  • Rumors Abound - Bonus strip

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