Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Kickstarter - Scoundrels of Brixton (Traveller/Cepheus Engine)

A sci-fi setting of crime and conflict compatible with Cepheus Engine.

First, let me get the disclaimer out of the way. Jeff Jones, the main man behind Scoundrels of Brixton, did the layout for Torchlight Zero and Torchlight #1, as well as the forthcoming Continual Light digest-sized edition. To say I know Jeff may be a bit of an understatement. Jeff also publishes some of the most professional Zine in our corner of the universe, to the extent that our very own Bad Mike says it may be a disservice to refer to them as "zines".

Earlier tonight, Mike & I had Jeff and Adam Kovac on Talking Crit Live!, to discuss Scoundrels of Brixton and other projects, as well as going off-topic in many different directions. Give it a watch, you won't be disappointed.

Scoundrels of Brixton is funding on Kickstarter for another week. You can snag it in Print plus PDF for 15 bucks (plus shipping), or as little as 3 bucks in PDF. There is even a POD version available to help those who live outside the States.

Are you a referee looking for a gritty science-fiction setting? Do your players crave mayhem? Scoundrels of Brixton injects player characters into a seedy civilization in the far future. A role-playing environment where there's no shortage of action and moral dilemma. A setting tailored for space-going heroes driven to fight injustice, or interstellar villains seeking to launch a criminal empire.

Contents Include:

  • 20 Dynamic NPCs to immerse the party.
  • 5 Factions/Gangs to complicate the characters' lives.
  • 8 Major Corporations exerting influence in the Brixton system.
  • 6 Distinct Districts to experience in Sky City.
  • 8 Diverse Settlements on the planet Deluvia.
  • 7 Explorable Planets to support a variety of genres. 
  • 5 Star Systems that set the political backdrop.
  • All wrapped within a concise but detailed setting that's loaded with crime and conflict.

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