Thursday, May 4, 2023

Deal of the Day - EZD6 Core Rulebook

What's the best way to put this? EZD6 is on my short list of "games I want to run but seriously lack the time to do so, including Tiny d6, the latest edition of RuneQuest, and ICRPG. So many games to play, and so little time to do so.

Until tomorrow morning, EZD6 is 50% off in PDF format, making its price 6.25. I'd jump on it, but I already own it in Print AND PDF ;)

Here's what you can expect:

  • -EZD6 Core rules: D6 dice pooling with a few key innovations like boons and banes, strikes instead of hit points and variable damage, and a fun player micro-resource called karma.
  • -9 Hero Paths: Scotty cooks the classics with his own spices. Each hero path is nicely separate from the next, with key roles to give you that MVP feeling in your group.
  • -20 classic monsters, 20 crazy ones: This is my favorite section of the book. Placing emphasis on a monster's narrative specialities, rather than numeric, seems too open-ended, but these horrors just nail it. The entries are tight enough to play cold, but weird enough to mod and enjoy from memory. 
  • -Tables: No RPG is complete without random ways to select baddies, treasures, NPC names, lair details, story twists, and more. We got those covered.

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