Friday, March 10, 2023

Shadowdark Session Zero/Session 0.5 Will Be Tonight's Random Party Generator Livestream @ 8 PM Eastern

Tonight we are going to be breaking a few rules as we test some new rules. I always swore that I would NEVER broadcast an actual gaming session with my group, as it would likely fail all tests of civility and any sort of correctness. But when my cohosts on the Random Party Generator Livestream started talking about running a session of Shadowdark as a live stream, I never thought of saying "we can't do it". My cohosts actually double as my gaming group, and it was a perfect fit.

Now, I need to state the following, which should be obvious to anyone that follows this blog or our YouTube Channel:

No one at the Arcane Library contacted ANY of us to run and broadcast this session. None of us know anyone at the Arcane Library. Kelsey likely doesn't know us from a hole in the wall. No of us have been offered ANY compensation of ANY sort to run and broadcast this session. 

I'm sure most of you are wondering why I felt I had to include the above. Let's just say there are some who feel the coverage of Shadowdark is "less than organic". As I've seen ads for Shadowdark on Facebook, and it is certainly being pushed, but we, the above, are doing this live stream out of our own curiosity. Go figure ;)

Here's the blurb from tonight's live stream:

Tonight on the Random Party Generator Livestream, Matt Jackson (mapper extraordinaire) will be putting Tim Shorts, Rob Conley, JoetheLawyer, Greg Christopher, and yours truly, Erik Tenkar, through a Session Zero/ Session .5 of Shadowdark, the 5e/OSR "bridge system" that everyone is talking about. The best way to grasp an RPG is to put it through its paces, which is what we intend to do tonight.


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  1. I've heard that one person may have been paid to cover Shadowdark, but I'm sure most of the coverage is genuine. Honestly, even if everyone covering this game was a paid shill, that still wouldn't explain the Kickstarter's spectacular success. No matter how many people are hyping a product, if it doesn't have something going for it, people aren't going to put their money into it.


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