Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Kickstarter - FIE, I SAY! The D6 Comedy-Fantasy-Parody RPG

I am a HUGE fan of Tim Sinder was my wife's, Rach, first GM at NTRPG Con many years ago, and definitely turned her into a gamer. TimeMaster for the win :)

Tim has a great sense of humor in gaming, and I expect nothing less from his FIE, I SAY! The D6 Comedy-Fantasy-Parody RPG Kickstarter. I've played in his TimeMaster and Toon games at NTRPG Con (along with Rach) and his comedic timing is second to none.

FIE, I SAY! is a humorous RPG in the vein of all of those other Serious Fantasy Roleplaying Games. (You know, the “Ampersand RPGs” that have dungeons, dragons, tunnels, trolls, castles, crusades, wizards, warriors, and other alliterations.) In this light-hearted parody of Old School Fantasy RPGs,  FIE, I SAY! encourages madcap adventures where the characters are out of their league, the villains are out of patience, and the players are likely out of their minds/

FIE, I SAY! is based on classic D6 RPG systems. For the newer gamers, you roll some six-siders and try to beat a difficulty number based on the difficulty of the task at hand. Roll high? Huzzah! Roll low? FIE, I SAY!

Every PC has four attributes that represent their core abilities, i.e., how strong, dexterous, intelligent, and charismatic they are. (NOTE TO SELF: I should find a way to abbreviate those.) Each attribute also has a specific skill the PC has trained in. The player rolls as many dice as their attribute/skill score and tries to beat the aforementioned difficulty number set by the Dice Meister, or "DM". (Ha! See what I did there?) The higher your score, the more dice you roll, increasing your odds of beating the difficulty number and succeeding!

I'm in for the $7 pledge,  FIE, I SAY! The D6 Comedy-Fantasy-Parody RPG Kickstarter, PDF plus POD at cost. I love Tim Snider, in a most platonic manner. Total respect Tim ;)

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