Monday, February 13, 2023

Review - The Kakondo (DCC RPG Creature)

I don't do a large number of reviews at The Tavern. I feel there are others that specialize in doing such and do a much better job than I do at it. Still, there are times I do a review, usually because something about the release impresses me or stands out. In the case of The Kakondo, a creature for the DCC RPG (but easily converted to the OSR system of your choice - I plan to convert this to Continual Light) what stands out is the personal perspective of the author.

The Kakondo is a legendary creature that the author, Ashraf Braden of Uganda, recalls from the days of his schooling. While there is some awkwardness in Ashraf's writing, it is authentic, and I have no complaints. You get a page of descriptive text and a page of DCC RPG stats, abilities, and a new weapon detailed. As I said above, I already have plans to convert this to the system of my choice.

The Kakando is priced at a buck, which I think is fairly priced for what you get. What you give with your purchase, I think, is even more valuable - you empower a young man to share more of his local legends and history. I eagerly await future releases and wish to thank Bob Brinkman for bringing this young man to my attention.

All Sanctum Media proceeds from this product go directly to the writer, Ashraf Braden. Ashraf is an aspiring game designer and author living near Kampala in Uganda.

In the areas around Kampala, it is not uncommon for workers to make as little as $2/day. By purchasing this product, you are contributing to Ashraf’s ability to be able to continue to write and design games by allowing him the financial breathing room to do so. 


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