Friday, February 17, 2023

Kickstarter - Dark Wizard Games: Fantasy Folder #1 - Dungeon Demon (bunch of PDF goodness as a $1 backer)

RPG Folder used with OSRIC / 1E / 5E / D&D / DCC / Pathfinder / role-playing games or anyone who loves fantasy folders!

Pledge a buck, get all of the following:

WITH ANY MINIMUM PLEDGE OF $1.00 or more, you will also get FREE PDF copies of our Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #1: Hanging  Coffins of the Vampire Queen (a full 36 page "fun house" style 1E  module) and Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #5: Palace of the Dragon's Princess  (a full 44 page "role-playing" style 1E module) normally a $20 value for those two PDFS on our website! 

Everyone will also get all of the "Digital Extras" which includes: A PDF of 27 Themed Character Sheets, a ZIP file of 6 Mayhem Posters printable in 18 x 24 size: Vampire Queen cover, Star Spawn cover, Villains Undercity cover, Dwarven King cover,  Dwarven King inner cover and Monsters of Mayhem cover, a PDF of Fifty-Six 1E Pre-Generated Characters, A PDF of Three Playable BW Maps with Four 1E Pre-Generated Characters, A PDF of Single Bonus Dungeon Map Color and BW, a PDF of Eight 1e Pre-Generated Characters, and a PDF of Eight 5e Pre-Generated!

All this as a special thanks for kicking in a buck to help support my books and projects and heck it, ALL of these above mentioned PDFS will be delivered in the FIRST PROJECT UPDATE once we reach our $500 goal and each update after that in case you miss one!

What's the actual Kickstarter? Dark Wizard Games: Fantasy Folder #1 - Dungeon Demon. You actually get 3 very cool-looking folders (that's the front-back image above). Hell, I can use them for my tax records if nothing else, and at 15 bucks they are a bargain! Did I mention you get everything above, too?

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