Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Kickstarter - Sinless RPG (Shadowrun Anyone? ;)

Sinless is a cyberpunk role-playing game in a world where magic has returned.

Shadowrun is a game I picked up the moment I saw it in 1989/90. Cyberpunk meets Fantasy gaming! What could be better? For me, not much. For my gaming group, pretty much anything. The setting was awesome but the rules were broken, and we'd already played Paranoia 1e, an amazing setting with broken rules. So, Shadowrun was never played.

Apparently, our experience was not unique. I've spoken with Courtney about these very issues, and his vision of Sinless is a game inspired by Shadowrun but expressly playable. Courtney Campbell has an amazing record of extremely useful and USABLE tabletop RPG Kickstarters, and I expect Sinless to continue in that tradition.

Sinless in Print and digital is 30 bucks, and digital-only is 10 bucks

Sinless is a playable cyberpunk tabletop role-playing game with magic, integrated domain play, and giant pools of d6s created by Courtney Campbell, author of On Downtime and Demesnes and creator of the Quantum Ogre!

Sinless was designed to be played in sessions lasting four to six hours by 4-6 human beings. Without a system identification number, cybernetic Ronin, Mages, Deckers, and Riggers form groups of Sinless who seek to undermine corporate lords. Not only by attacking them directly by performing extractions of crucial personnel, targeted destruction raids, and infiltration and data theft, but also by developing a brand, hiring assets, and exploring sectors to find new resources and factions. 

Malls are back in a big way in this classic 1980s-styled cyberpunk role-playing game. Using a priority character creation system, you pick your heritage, magical aptitude, attributes, skills, starting resources and buy cybertechtronic and biogenetic enhancement. 

Magic has reentered the world. Some humans have mutated into the Blighted, many growing tusks, horns, or even worse horrors; others have mutated into the Green, growing antlers pointed ears, or resembling the fae of myth. Humans share this world with Synths and Uplifts. Synths are synthetic AI in "living" forms and Uplifts are animals given intelligence, mobility, and opposable thumbs by cybertechtronics and biogenetics. 

Sinless takes place in 2090, a possible dystopian future, but not one without hope! Given enough time, ingenuity, and planning, characters can use their brand to help make a better world. Once they accumulate 1 billion Zuzu's (a secure crypto-currency controlled by the corporate court, based on the popularity of a posh dog) they will be recognized by the international corporate court and can found their own future, free of interference. 

What will your players sacrifice to achieve their goals?

This game rules text is complete—backers will immediately gain access to the first backer post which has a copy of the rules. Much art, fiction, and extra content (bestiary entries, additional assets/resources) is in process. It has not been edited or laid out. The Kickstarter is to raise funds for the cover art and editing. Additional funds will add art and more content. Stretch goals include the possibility of printing it traditionally, gameplay add-ons, as well as special Kickstarter-only content!


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