Monday, February 6, 2023

Deal of the Day - The Incandescent Grottoes (OSE)

As I decide which way to go with the updated version of Continual Light (OGL, CC, or something completely different), I find a new appreciation of my Old School Essentials collection of core books and adventures. It is, quite simply, a beautifully laid out, concisely written, sharp presentation of the classic B/X rules. If you haven't checked out OSE yet, you probably should.

Today's Deal of the Day, The Incandescent Grottoes, is written by OSE creator Gavin Norman. Normally 7.50 for 48 pages in PDF, but until tomorrow morning, The Incandescent Grottoes is on sale for 3 bucks.

A bubbling stream cascades into a hole in the earth, leading to a series of underground watercourses and scintillating grottoes. Adventurers who delve within may discover odd mosses and fungi, a ruined temple complex, and the lair of a crystal-eating dream dragon.

A classic expedition into the Mythic Underworld for characters of 1st to 2nd level.

  • 57 keyed areas, rumour table, loot summary, dungeon background info, suggestions for expanding the dungeon.
  • Keyed in a quick-reference, bullet point format.
  • Statted for Old-School Essentials (B/X), usable with any vintage adventure game.
  • Unlabelled map included for VTT use.

The Incandescent Grottoes can be linked with The Hole in the Oak to form a large, 3 level dungeon with over 115 keyed encounter areas!


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