Saturday, February 11, 2023

Kickstarter - BURN 2d6 Core Rulebook -- an indie RPG system

With the recent OGL drama, we've seen a bump in new game systems releasing their own SRDs and using Creative Commons licensing. BURN 2d6 is one of those systems, and I know the project's artist, and you might too. Craig Brasco does some amazing work and has donated some to The Tavern.

I tend to like short, concise rulesets (SWL anyone?) and BURN 2D6 comes in at 64 pages and covers four genres: Pulp Era, Space Opera, Myth & Magic, and SUPERS.

I'm in :)

(next week expect me to catch up on some reviews that have been in the hopper but haven't been gotten to because of, well, time issues) - Tenkar

BURN 2d6 is a flexible system with a unique BURN mechanic that keeps the game moving and allows for a complete adventure to be run by the Moderator in a single short session! Ever get a group together with limited time, perhaps late at night at a convention? Or want to introduce folks to roleplaying games? With BURN 2d6 you can get to the fun in moments and play a complete adventure in 90 minutes. The system also promotes and encourages character progression and campaign play.

We will produce an at least 64-page Core Rulebook (6.14" x 9.21") in full color for the BURN 2d6 roleplaying game system. The text is 100% written and being edited as you read this. Your support will help us to complete the art and layout. This project does not use AI art. All the art is being commissioned from two real live artists (see the team described below). We will have the finished product sent to backers in June 2023. 

BURN 2d6 will be distributed under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA) license. This is an original indie rpg system. We hope that you will support indie creators like us by making a pledge.


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