Sunday, February 5, 2023

Good Deal Going on Right Now Over at Kickstarter

Good Deal Going on Right Now Over at Kickstarter
Today kind of sucks for me......I finally got my home server setup almost like I want it (will be putting it into a new case next month) and I go to hookup my external drive to transfer about a year's worth of RPG downloads to the server....and I accidentally knock if off the table. Now it just makes a clicking noise and Windows won't see it anymore.

Now I'm a firm believer in the idea that if you don't have your data in three places you don't have your data. I really haven't lost much, well actually I've lost a LOT of data, but some of it is on other devices/drives. Some. My rather large collection of 3d printing files are *poof*. I'm sure some of those files are backed up, but that backup is back home on the family farm and there isn't a local backup because....well because I can just re-download all of those things.

It's a complete and total PITA, but it is doable.

So I've got a long road ahead of me logging into like three or four different websites/databases and clicking through 5,000 files to restore things......which is sad since I was literally setting up top transfer files so I'd have the data in 2 places (I was going to burn everything to a Blu-Ray M-Disc for my off-site tertiary).

Gee whiz Chris, sounds nice by why TF would I give a rat's-ass about your 1st world problem?

Ok, well for one.....wake up call to keep your data organized. Second, I'm ass-deep in .STL files right now and so obviously I'm thinking about 3d printing files.....and this particular morning, Fat Dragon Games current Kickstarter: Realm of the Goblin King

My first guest-post here at the Tavern was to totally bitch and moan about Ken Whitman and his highway robbery that was his Kickstarter Scams. Erik is more than up-front when it's come to his Kickscammers, but I'm not sure we get to hear too often about the guys doing these things right....and Tom Tullis/Fat Dragon Games does a helluva job with Kickstarter:

  • Has most of the product designed (main pledge level-stuff) and tested before starting the campaign.
  • Doesn't have a HUGE campaign goal.
  • Lots of stretch-goals/add-ons
  • Actually innovates
  • Delivers early

Now as far as Tom goes, he likes to project an online persona that he's an asshole, but he's actually one of the nicest guys I've run into in the industry, which is saying a lot because we have a lot of nice guys in the industry. Sure we have actual assholes too, but they're not the norm.....

Now I do have a decent Tom Tullis story that I could share, but he's probably not going to like (well, at least publicly) me going any further along this train of thought. What I can "say" however, and I'm kind of banking on my own reputation here, is that I own almost every product that Fat Dragon Games has ever produced. The only stuff I do not own is either modern or futuristic/Sci-Fi. I can honestly say that I put my money where my mouth is and I can't sign up for Fat Dragon Games' Kickstarters fast enough!

This is what is being offered for $75 (and this isn't counting the stretch goals!):

Totally worth the $75

Currently there are only two stretch goals left...and those will be hit easily, so my promotion here is not to benefit my own pledge. I'm just wanting to help a good guy/company out, and more importantly, turn some Tavern Patrons onto a good thing.

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