Saturday, February 4, 2023

Kickstarter - Nicomeiden's Tower: A Dungeon RPG Adventure (AD&D and other OSR Systems)

I know. My coverage of various Kickstarter projects has slowed down recently. It's just that the number that truly excites or interests me has shrunk even as the number of "RPG" tagged Kickstarters has significantly increased.

Nicomeiden's Tower: A Dungeon RPG Adventure is a strange choice for me to showcase. While I certainly find it interesting, I also find it to be a Kickstarter that I don't see myself backing, which is a shame.

First things first, I had to dig into this Kickstarter's FAQ to find out if this was written for the OSR, 5e, Pathfinder, or even some non-D20 system. That knowledge should be front and center, one shouldn't have to go looking for it. 

My other main issue is the pricing. $15 for an adventure to be played in a single session seems excessive. $25 for the print is on the high end, and IMHO should include the PDF version at that price, but no, it's $35 if you want print plus PDF.

Simply put, there are cheaper choices with more playability from better-known creators and publishers available. It may certainly be a viable choice for a night of gaming, but for me, not at this price point. I certainly wouldn't pay 15 bucks for a single session PDF on DTRPG.

Did I mention the video hints that there will be color (looks to be computer generated IMHO) and B&W art that isn't consistent in tone within the module? I could be wrong with this conclusion, but not likely.

I wish the creator luck and long-term success, but I won't be backing this one.

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