Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Kickstarter - Realms Of Elghrune Box Set

Explore the dungeon planet! Welcome to the Realms of Elghrune - a brand new Science Fantasy RPG.

In the current post-OGL gaming world, you need options that aren't strongly tied to any version of the D&D SRD.

Realms of Elhrune appears to fit that bill suitably well. Sure, it uses a d20, but it ONLY uses a d20. So, technically it IS a d20 game, but it is certainly not a D20 game.

It's not often that you see boxed sets from smaller publishers in the RPG field, and seeing such here tells me that Realms of Elhure is a passion project. Atmospheric art adds value.

Pricing of the Realms of Elghrune Kickstarter is extremely fair. Looks like most backers see it as I do, as the majority are backing at the Exclusive Box Set level (personally I love mini-GM screens). Rach won't mind another gaming box on our shelves - yes, I'm a backer ;)

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  1. A really good plug, but it fails to mention one thing: Who is the publisher? This is their first KS under this name, so we have no clue who 'they' are, as this could very easily drive more business to the KS if it's a 'BIG' name...


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