Wednesday, November 9, 2022

New Release - Castigant: Gothic Roleplaying in a Time of Inquisition (OSR)

Horrors of the night plague humanity... Can you find the faith to defeat them? 

Right. What can I say about James Spahn that I haven't already said, here or elsewhere? Amazing writer, true friend, and blood brother, and I was his sponsor when he was confirmed in the Catholic faith.

I may be a bit biased, but at least I am honest about that potential when it may be there ;)

I read a part of an early version of Castigant: Gothic Roleplaying in a Time of Inquisition over the summer if my memory serves me right as far as timing, and it was compelling. Gothic horror with real-world trappings and an OSR engine. I'm looking forward to snagging my copy of the final version.

BTW, Castigo means "punishment" in Spanish...

Castigant is a roleplaying game set in a world of gothic horror. Based on the adventure gaming rules found in James M. Spahn's The Hero's Journey: Second Edition, Castigant takes a dark, yet hopeful turn as the night begins to set and sorrow clashes with faith.

Five unique classes, rules for Sorrows, Faith, Intercessions, Relics and more all feature, along with a detailed bestiary of foes and copious of optional rules to help tweak and adjust the game to your preferences. 

Castigant features themes of faith, the nature of humanity, and the role of monsters in our myths and world, and tries to ask difficult questions without easy answers. Horror imagery, art, and descriptions all feature throughout the game. Featuring art from the public domain, and layout by Alan Bahr, Castigant is Spahn's most personal work to date. 

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