Saturday, November 12, 2022

Kickstarter - Outcast Silver Raiders (OSR)

A blood-drenched occult medieval tabletop RPG. Includes three books and a fully mapped, OSR-compatible campaign setting.

Someone asked on last night's Livestream, just how many OSR systems do we need? The discussion was lively and the answer is somewhere between "None" and "More" I guess ;)

Outcast Silver Riders line squarely up with "More".

Outcast Silver Raiders is a blood-drenched occult medieval roleplaying game in the OSR tradition.

Outcast Silver Raiders is a work of singular vision from the creative team of:

  • Professional designer Isaac VanDuyn 
  • Acclaimed heavy metal illustrator Kim Diaz Holm 
  • Fantasy cartographer and calligrapher Lex Rocket 

Kim created all the illustrations. Lex created all the maps and hand-wrote all of the page titles in classic blackletter calligraphy. Isaac did all the writing and graphic design. This small team has created a work of dark focus.

Outcast Silver Raiders is what the televangelists, the hack investigative journalists, and the grasping Hollywood producers imagined when they caused a satanic panic around RPGs in the eighties. Daemons. Darkness. Sacrifice. Blood spilling over cracked altars in desecrated chapels.

Players portray brutal warriors, clever rogues, and conniving sorcerers who reject the barbaric theocracy of medieval society to seek fortune and glory as outcasts beyond the reach of lords or God.

Outcast Silver Raiders is 85 bucks plus shipping for the Print Plus PDF. That is for 3 books and a map. 39 for just the PDFs, which I feel is a steep price for digital only.

In any case, certainly, a Kickstarter to watch.

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  1. Looks like a serious contender for my next long term campaign.


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