Monday, August 1, 2022

Kickstarter - Unleashed Arcana RPG Dice & DCC Sets along with D18s & D22s (Impact! Miniatures)

Dice. Fucking dice! They are my kryptonite. I can go weeks, even months, without looking for new ones, and then BAMN! I find cool dice that I want.

Note, I don't NEED any more dice. Shit, if I had any sort of self-control I wouldn't WANT any more dice. But I want them. They are my... precious.

Tonight I searched Kickstarter for ZineQuest. I quickly realized there were many more zines waiting to launch. So then I did a search for dice, and the first to catch my eyes was the Unleashed Arcana RPG Dice & DCC Sets along with D18s & D22s Kickstarter by Impact! Miniatures.

Again, I don't need more dice but I will be getting more dice.

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  1. Many of these colors were already available under other names. For instance, Venom Bolt was previously issued as Poisoned Skulls


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